Making Your Return Home Easier and Safer

With Continue Care, you have the in-home support services and treatments you need when leaving the nursing home:

  • Up to 44 Days’ Worth of Medications: We’ll provide you a 14-day supply to take with you then automatically process 30-day refills* that will be shipped to your home. All your med­ications will come in individual packages that list the date and time you need to take each dose, eliminating any confusion.
  • Safety Reviews: A pharmacist will review your medica­tions for accuracy and safety, an extra step that is often missed if you have chronic conditions or multiple specialty providers.
  • Nurse Follow Up: A nurse will conduct weekly calls starting within 48 hours of your return home to check on any issues you may be experienc­ing with your medica­tions or health changes that could impact the effectiveness of your treatments.
  • Home Visits: Within 10 days, a nurse prac­titioner will also arrange a visit your home** to review your drug usage and check on any addition­al health or social support services you may need.
  • 24/7 On-call Support: Our nurses and pharmacists are available to answer both patient and family questions 24/7.
  • Insurance Billing: We’ll handle billing your insurance directly for your medication refills.

*Subject to your insurer’s approval

**Where available

How Continue Care Works

Continue Care combines both medication services and home health services to keep you safe and healthy once you leave the nursing home. Here’s what you can expect with the program.

Step 1: Three days before discharge, we’ll review your care planning with you and your family before you leave, including your medications

Step 2: When you’re discharged, we’ll provide you a 14-day supply of your medications to take with you

Step 3: A nurse will begin weekly phone calls within 48 hours of your return home to check on medication issues and health changes

Step 4: We’ll arrange a home-based primary care visit from a nurse practitioner* in your home to check on you, make sure you have the services you need, and address any concerns

Step 5: A 30-day medication refill* will be shipped to your home automatically in a Continue Care box

And throughout, you’ll have 24/7 access to a team of pharmacists and nurses if you or your family have any questions.

*Subject to your insurer’s approval

**Where available

How Do I Enroll?

All nursing home residents are automatically enrolled upon admissions so there’s nothing else you need to do to take advantage of all the benefits Continue Care offers.

And the best part? There’s no additional cost for our mediation management, home healthcare services, and prescription delivery. You’ll only be responsible for a co-payment based on your pharmacy coverage.

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